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How To Not Be Nervous For The Singapore ABRSM Piano Exams

There are lots of tips to help you out online on how to score better on the piano exams. I also have a post teaching you how to best practise on the piano for quick mastery. Going for piano lessons conducted by a good private piano teacher or a good music school is also of utmost importance to help you score well and stay calm during the Singapore piano exam.

However, not many people teach you how to stop being nervous for the piano exams! In fact, many Singaporean students are fantastic at playing the piano pieces, scales, e.t.c. However, some of them tend to screw up the exam results by being nervous and not performing at their best.

The following video provides some useful tips for students looking for ways to calm themselves down during the examination!

An extra tip that she did not mention which I would like to share with you is to always wear enough articles of clothing to keep yourself warmer than you are comfortable with, as well as always drinking a warm glass of water before the exam. This is to keep you feeling warm so that your fingers will not be shuddering or you constantly feeling cold and have it affect your performance during the Singapore ABRSM piano exams!