How Can Students Find The Right Music Teacher In Singapore?

There are obviously different ways that students in Singapore can learn the piano. However, some ways are better than others depending on the student’s preferences.

Before we look at other things, first of all, if you are the student, then ask yourself – are you the type who learns better in a regimental environment or a more relaxed, customized environment?

If you are the type that prefers a more cookie cutter style of learning, then perhaps, you will excel in a physical music school such as Yamaha or Cristofori or the other smaller music schools littered throughout heartland shopping malls all across Singapore.

For such a case, you may want to check out music schools located at a place near you. Most music schools in Singapore are found in smaller shopping malls in the heartland areas of Singapore. The most famous two are Cristofori and Yamaha, and I strongly recommend that you stick to either of them, as they are well established. Since you like regimental style of learning, then sticking to a traditional and established school is best for you.

How do you find them? Well, you could simply go online and search for their websites to check out their physical locations in Singapore. For your convenience, I have found the links and they are found here:

They have the listed locations on their website. Simply search for the closest locations near your place. There are usually almost no differences between the different branches, as long as they belong to the same company. Therefore, just pick whichever you prefer, and then pick the location nearest to your location and head down there and ask them more questions if you have, and then sign up for piano lessons with them there!

Secondy, if you are the type that prefers a more customized, private environment for learning, then having home private piano lessons in Singapore may be a better idea for you. In this case, you want to look for a private piano teacher in Singapore.

When it comes to private piano teachers, there are a few ways you can go about looking for them. You can either look for them through an agency or you could simply ask a friend or a relative for a kind referral. Fees are the same whether you go through a relative/friend or an agency, as agencies services are free to students. Therefore, what you need to focus on in this case is the type of piano lessons in Singapore you are requesting for. Are you looking for adults or kids piano lessons? Are you looking to learn to pass the ABRSM graded piano exams in Singapore or are you simply trying to learn pop music or for leisure. Make sure to check with the teacher or the agency before signing up for any piano lessons!

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